Our Mission

When we started Love Laugh Giraffe, we knew we wanted to help make a difference in the world. The number of children that are homeless and hungry in India is stunning and truly disturbing. It's estimated to be 25 million. That's why we've partnered with Angel House to help bring orphaned children off the streets and into a home with a caretaker that will love, nurture and educate them.

Angel House was started in 2010 by Dominac and Lindsey Russo. They have built over 105 homes and give thousands of children a safe place to sleep while also providing clean water, food to eat, school supplies, uniforms, and access to medical checkups.

The look of joy on their faces when a new Angel House is opened is absolutely priceless. Without the help of Angel House these children would be destined to a life of complete hopelessness. 

We're committed to helping these deserving children and donate 10% of our profits towards the building of new Angel House orphanages. We sincerely thank all of our customers who have joined to help make a difference in these children’s lives.